Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lawn Mowing firm - Ways to Advertise

It is ordinarily recognized that advertising is a needful part of a lawn mowing businesses marketing strategy. While many lawn care operators feel that word of mouth referrals based on a lawn care businesses reputation are the best way to get new clients this recipe alone cannot contribute the volume of prospective clients that a lawn care operator requires.

Below are some obvious, and less definite advertising methods to consider and some advice on how to arrival advertising in a way to maximize it's effectiveness.

Local Network

Local Print Media

Lawn Mowing firm - Ways to Advertise

Buying advertising space in local print media can be sufficient depending on how you go about it. Remember that people buy based on perceived benefits and not stock or service features so you should not just tell inherent customers about your services but focus more on telling them how your services will benefit them. Explore how a good advertisement should be designed and also look into ways that you can negotiate cheaper ways to buy advertising space.

Flyers and Direct Mail

Sending out an advertising flyer can work although this arrival is much more sufficient if you personally hand out flyers and talk to people at the same time. Remember that the response rate for flyers and direct mailings is notoriously low.


Join company associations such as your local chamber of Commerce. Attending quarterly meetings is a great way to network, meet new prospects and to spread the word around.

Try to get to know some real estate agents and ask them to distribute you brochures or company cards to people intriguing into houses that have just sold.

Community Noticeboards

Look for local retailers who have community observation boards. You can often post your company card or flyer there for free.

Advertise on your Vehicle

While getting customized branding on your vehicle can be expensive, once it is in place it is a mobile, free advertisement for your lawn care company whenever you are on the road or parked in front of a customers property.

Online Advertising

Once you have your lawn care business's website online you can look into the numerous forms of online advertising available. It is now inherent to set up 'pay per click' campaigns with 'Google Adwords' and 'Yahoo crusade Marketing' that target Internet searches in only your local area.

Outside the Box Thinking

Learn to think surface the box. Instead of just use the same marketing methods that your competitors are using try to brainstorm and think of totally primary ideas or borrow ideas from other industries with fellowships that are innovative and primary in their arrival to adverting.

Testing and Tracking

Once you have a good variety of advertising methods in place you should then try to track the performance of each recipe to resolve which methods are cost effective. When customers enquire about your services make sure that you ask them how they heard about your company and keep a narrative of the amount of customers that found you through each method. Then you can surmise the cost of acquiring each new customer through each recipe and you can eliminate the advertising methods that don't work.

There are no methods that can be anticipated to be better than others as every shop is different. Look at the methods used by well-established lawn care businesses, as it is likely that they have tested many methods over time already.

Lawn Mowing firm - Ways to Advertise

How To join together Two Computers - Windows Environment

Okay so why write about it? Well because there was once a time that i needed to know how to join together two computers together and I couldn't find any articles to help me and no links on the internet that had it in detail, so this is for the habitancy that might sense the same.

So let's begin!

Local Network

Firstly you will need to know how exactly your two Pc's are going to connect. So here it is. The computers will join together directly to each other therefore no hub will be needed. For those of you that don't know, a hub is just a device that connects computers in a network via Utp level through cables.

How To join together Two Computers - Windows Environment

The imagine why I wrote level through in caps is because this is not what you will be using to join together the two computers. Instead you will be using cross over cables. You can get this from a local computer store for relatively cheap. Or if you feel like doing work then make it, its in fact easy. If you need any help, then a Google search on how to make crossover cables will help alot. The imagine why I don't tell you how, because I'm telling you how to join together two computers not generate crossovers.

Anyways that's all the requirements you'll need, just a cross over cable. (Please note; if you buying or production a cross over, make sure it's at least cat5e Utp cables.)

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to work!


On each computer, right click on "My Computer". Click Properties and then click on the "Computer Name" tab. Where it says "Computer description:" Give each computer a report (It must not be the same). Now click on the "change" so that you can change the name of the computer and generate a workgroup. In the name choice give it the same name you gave it for its report and in the workgroup section type in "my first network" (Remember: Names of the computers should Not be the same, But Workgroup names should be Exact the same on both)
Now once you change these, you will be asked to restart the computer, so naturally click yes or ok, anything you are prompted with.

Step 2

After the computers are rebooted you will need to setup Ip addresses for each computer. This is how:

On your desktop, look for the icon named "My Network Places". Now dpouble click it to open it.

Once open look on the left to see an choice "view network connections" and click on it.

Now right click on local area network and click properties.

Where it says "This relationship uses the following items:"; scroll down to "Iternet Protocol (Tcp/Ip)", click on it and click the properties button.

Now click on "Use the following Ip address" and at "Ip Address" type in an Ip address e.g

Although you do the same steps for both computers you must have separate Ip addresses so you can make the second computers Ip address

After you set the Ip addresses just press the tab button and you should get a number in the subnet mask as, then press ok and wait a while and now you practically done!

Step 3

This is the easiest part; just take you cross over cable and join together to each computers network card Rj45 port. That's it you now will be able to see the computers in "My Network Places". You may start sharing files!

How To join together Two Computers - Windows Environment